Theodor Kittelsen 1857-1914, a Great Norwegian Artist

Kittelsen KvitebjørnKongValemon(1912)

Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon (White Bear King Valemon), 1912




Soria Moria Castle, “Far, far away he saw something bright and shine.” 1900




Die Pest Kommte (The Plague is Coming) 1896




Gutt på hvit hest (Boy on white horse), 1890-1909




Sorgen (The Woe), 1894-95



Kittelsen and Inga 1910

Kittelsen and his wife Inga, 1910


The Reflectionist

Visual Soundproof by Marcia Smilack


‘This image elicits no sound
and I think I know why:
because all the edges are sealed.
Not even sound can escape.’

Marcia Smilack


This is a wonderful image and you can see the soundproofing this inspiring artist refers to. It is like being cocooned in a bubble, cradled in an embryonic sac where all is reassuringly muffled.


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