Theodor Kittelsen 1857-1914, a Great Norwegian Artist

Kittelsen KvitebjørnKongValemon(1912)

Kvitebjørn Kong Valemon (White Bear King Valemon), 1912




Soria Moria Castle, “Far, far away he saw something bright and shine.” 1900




Die Pest Kommte (The Plague is Coming) 1896




Gutt på hvit hest (Boy on white horse), 1890-1909




Sorgen (The Woe), 1894-95



Kittelsen and Inga 1910

Kittelsen and his wife Inga, 1910



    1. Thank you for commenting!! It makes me very happy. 🙂 I agree Valemon is quite beautiful. He is a man who was turned into a bear by a troll hag, naturally?! I came across Theodor Kittelsen because Norway is commemorating the centenary of his death this year. I got quite lost in the magical beauty of his paintings, many of which are illustrations for fairy tales. I love the energy of Boy on White Horse and I can almost see the woman in Sorgen, pulling her shawl tighter around her head and feel the chill in her heart as she trudges through the snow…very atmospheric. Loving your blog still…it’s brightens my day…literally! 🙂


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