Globe of Imagination

Globe of imagination Stephen Wiltshire




Globe of Imagination, Stephen Wiltshire, source –



  1. Hi, I am the father of a 23 year old son who is severely autistic. His name is Micah. I have written a book about being a single father raising a son with autsm, and his twin brothers. A number of publishers have shown interest but do not think I have a strong platform to promote the book. One thing they want is for my blog to have more followers. Please follow my blog and help me get “Micah’s Touch” published. Thank You, Darian


    1. Hi Darian
      A close member of my family has autism also so I’d love to read an excerpt from Micah’s Touch. I couldn’t see it on your website and I’m getting error code when I click on the reading. Where can I read the first page or a synopsis? You’ve probably seen this but just in case it escaped your radar, here is a good short film Holding in the Storm for World Autism Day


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